Comparing Multiple QR Codes Within a Marketing Strategy

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Comparing Multiple QR Codes

“All roads lead home.”

It’s a popular phrase that means many things to many people. For anyone wanting to market a product, service or even themselves, this multiple-paths approach is great for leading customers and prospects to one final destination – your promotional message.

Those on the cutting-edge of mobile marketing use QR codes, or quick response barcodes, as the perfect form of “transportation.” One scan with a mobile device, and you’re home!

To maximize brand message effectiveness, savvy marketers present a variety of avenues from which individuals can arrive at their customized content. From print brochures and website banner ads to storefront window displays, signage and giveaways, the possibilities for engagement are endless.

A QR code takes this kind of traditional marketing to an even higher level. It offers information “on the go.” By placing a QR code on marketing materials, you can easily track, compile and analyze target audience data to determine the overall effectiveness of your innovative mobile marketing campaign.

It gets even better…

With all those marketing items, you’ve created many roads that lead to one place. Wouldn’t it be cool to learn which of those paths are most popular with your target audience? Which QR codes elicit the most response? If you place a different or unique QR code on each marketing item, you’ll surely find out!

By using multiple, unique QR codes, you can even further break down traffic data to assess your return on each and every promotional investment.

For example: Say, you’re going to run a print ad in three magazines. You’ve incorporated a QR code into the ad, which when scanned, directs target audiences to your website, landing page, special offer, etc. By generating a unique code for each magazine, however, you can see exactly how much web traffic each publication generates. This small shift in marketing strategy will yield even more valuable data than a total traffic number for materials sharing a common code.

Comparing multiple QR codes within a unified marketing strategy not only provides specific data for a specific marketing effort, it also allows for experimentation. What language or call-to-action seems to be prompting the most activity? Based on response, if you think it isn’t enticing or powerful enough to drive interest, simply change it.

At, enjoy the flexibility of changing content without changing your QR code, as well as changing one code instead of all codes within your mobile marketing campaign. Today, you may want all of your QR codes to point to your website. Tomorrow, you may want a few pieces of your marketing material to point your target audience elsewhere. Whatever your mobile marketing needs, we can help. Get started today!


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