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Convert Sales with QR codes – QR Codes and the Sales Conversion Funnel: Scantastic!

If you’re a marketer and you haven’t unleashed the power of mobile marketing, you’re missing out on some serious sales conversions. Combined with the use of unique QR codes, mobile marketing is a savvy way to deliver customized content directly to your target audiences, while also offering them a valuable method for direct response.

As one of today’s hottest Web trends, QR codes, or “quick response” barcodes, are a quick and easy way to share information with mobile device users. By scanning this two-dimensional code with a smart phone or other mobile device, a user can be taken to any Web-based information you want to share: Company website, promotional offer, landing page, social network page, photo gallery, etc. It’s a highly popular way to encourage interaction with your brand, without delay.

From the initial scan of a code to the point of Web destination arrival, a customer or prospect has moved further down the sales funnel and closer to a legitimate purchase decision. A prospect’s immediate contact with your mobile brand message increases the chances of converting their initial interest to a sale. This high-speed delivery of information serves to shorten the traditional sales funnel.

For this reason, strong and enticing calls-to-action should accompany QR codes to encourage frequent and ongoing scans. Once a code is scanned, a mobile device user has made a brief investment in your product or service. Not only should your call-to-action be engaging, your content should be valuable, making the quick journey worthwhile. After all, the final destination is the place where a more detailed sales pitch can be made.

Whether as only one marketing component or as part of a comprehensive mobile campaign, the use of QR codes provides a very important (and increasingly preferred) alternative for customers and prospects to conveniently reach your brand. Going mobile can increase target audience response rates, as well as allow a visitor “on the go” to see only the most important marketing messages tailored specifically to them – delivered right in the palm of their hand – without much effort.

Want to shorten the sales funnel? At, you can easily generate, track and analyze your unique QR code. Try multiple codes for your marketing campaign. Experiment with calls-to-action, and discover what works best for your business goals. Change your content without having to change your code.

In less than 60 seconds, you’ll be on your way!


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