Easily Create Custom QR Code Design for your Brand

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Easily Create Custom QR Code Design for your Brand

No two QR codes are the same. So, why should they look the same? Since each of these mobile marketing “snowflakes” contains valuable brand or contact information, it’s no surprise that one of the hottest design trends for one of the hottest mobile marketing trends is to get creative with its look.

QR codes – short for “quick response” barcodes – now can be anything but standard. Implementing brand design elements, such as colors and logos, is yet another innovative way to differentiate your company, product or service with mobile target audiences.

A QR code can take many forms. In and of itself, this exciting, little matrix takes mobile brand messaging to a whole new level. At myQRad.com, we can help you connect the print and digital worlds, while being the stand-out that you are.

By using our free QR code generator (https://app.myqrad.com), you can easily create a custom QR Code design for use in advertising and marketing materials, jewelry and wearable art, and a wealth of other cool promotional items. A QR code can be placed on just about anything anywhere, depending on your needs. The possibilities are endless!

Upon creating a custom QR code design at myQRad.com, our ongoing data tracking and reporting service allows you to monitor user response over time. With your communications goals in mind, you can quickly adjust key marketing messages, calls-to-action, destination URLs and more without ever having to change the QR code – even after it’s printed!

Get your business noticed. Elicit even more QR code scans by giving your code impressive, aesthetic appeal. It’s easy (less than 60 seconds); it’s free; and no experience is necessary! Create multiple codes to deliver simultaneous messages.

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