Static vs. Flexible QR Codes – Can a QR Code Change?

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When a Static QR Code Needs to Be Changed to a Flexible QR Code

Generating a QR code is not a particularly difficult enterprise. What you want to avoid with QR generators, however, are QR generators that only allow you to create a limited static QR code. There are tools available that allow you to create QR codes whose functionality can be changed after they are already generated and printed. This is a very important feature for businesses that want to get the maximum value out of their marketing materials. Here is a very easy to understand situation that will give you an illustration of this.

When a user scans a QR code, they can be brought to a specific website, be offered a chance to enter contact information in a form or have many other actions occur automatically because they scanned the code. This makes them very powerful marketing tools. Beyond that, however, there are limitations. If you don’t use the right QR creator, you’ll find yourself in a situation where the QR code you generated could become useless.

Because of how QR codes work, they’re oftentimes used to share contact information. They offer a much better solution than virtual business cards and some of the other popular means of sharing such information because they are more universally accessible and because someone can actually get contact information off printed media. If your contact information should change, however, you could find yourself in need of another QR code, if you use the wrong generator.

You can find a code generator online that provides you with a way to create codes that can be changed after the fact. Of course, you can’t go back and change a printed code. What you can do, however, is change the information that that code provides. If the contact information that the QR code gave happened to be a URL, for instance, you could simply use one of these tools to redirect visitors to a different URL.

QR code marketing is very popular. If you go to any business convention, you’re going to find QR codes literally all over the place. The thing you’ll want to avoid is using a QR generator online that doesn’t give you the flexibility you need to get the maximum value out of the code. Remember that your code may be printed on many different materials, and that means that you have to have something that’s flexible. Without that flexibility, you’re losing one of the major benefits of these codes.

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