How-To: Grow Your Business Using QR Codes

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Grow Your Business Using QR Codes

If you’re like most business owners, you are always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to brand and expand your business. From traditional to Internet marketing, a balanced mix of business tools is necessary to promote your products and services to target audiences. With mobile marketing at the forefront of today’s most successful multi-media campaigns, to grow your business using QR codes is one key element that should not be overlooked.

When engaging consumers, not only is it important to consider what information you will share, but also the manner in which you will share it. What if a customer or prospect does not have (or want to make) time to meet with you? What if they simply want access to your brand messages without your direct input? What if they happen upon your brand after your normal business hours? Do you allow these potential customers to slip through the cracks? Not if you’re a savvy marketer.

A QR code, short for “quick response” barcode, is a highly flexible, tiny matrix that easily takes your brand mobile. Placed anywhere, it gives consumers instant access to your customized content, whether it be a company website, product information, special event, promotional offer, or the like. By scanning a QR code with a smartphone or other mobile device, customers and prospects can be taken virtually anywhere you choose. The digital delivery of information – and brand recognition – is immediate.

At, you can generate a unique QR code in less than 60 seconds. Tracking the code, analyzing captured data, and revising content (if needed) can be done in a snap! Tweak your code and call-to-action anytime for the best possible results – a boost in sales and total brand awareness.

Whether you’re a “traditional” marketer or one who embraces new strategies, all business visibility programs can be deconstructed to one key point: Sharing information is the quintessential way to grow your business. It creates community, which creates brand loyalty.

Today’s consumer is empowered to make purchase decisions in a matter of seconds. This is just one reason why QR codes have become one of the hottest web trends in mobile marketing. QR code technology offers a fresh way to connect with customers. Learn how you can give target audiences a unique brand experience and mobilize them to take action.

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