How do I get QR codes?

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How do I get QR codes?

While the short answer is to use a free QR code generator, it’s important to think about what benefits you want to enjoy for the effort of creating one. What type of target audience response you hope to gain; and, how important it is to have ongoing administrative flexibility with your code and linked content. These factors will dictate the kind of code generator you select.

For today’s innovative marketer or do-it-yourself promoter, QR codes – “quick response” barcodes – lend great mobility to any brand campaign, sales or promotional effort. The generation of one tiny barcode can open up a wealth of online avenues for reaching busy target audiences who want information fast and “on the go.”

By scanning a QR code with a smartphone or other mobile device, a person can be quickly and virtually taken to the customized content of your choice. Such as promotional offers, company websites, virtual tours and videos, social networking sites, and much more.

At, you easily generate a QR code (in less than 60 seconds). You also can manage and accurately track vital code data and statistics for ongoing message management, as well as to achieve maximum target audience response.

What’s even better than that? Flexibility. Enormous flexibility. You can change your marketing message, call-to-action or linked customized content without ever having to create a new QR code!

With so many available options, you’ll never again ask, “How do I get QR codes?” Get started with a FREE trial today!

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