Capture Emails With QR Codes

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“Can I capture emails with QR codes?” YES!

When you create a QR code you can select to prompt a short form requesting name and email address from scanners before continuing to your custom page or website. All this data is stored in the “Collected Information” section of each QR code for you to follow up later. This feature is definitely worth utilizing.

Give your scanners a reason to enter their information by surrounding your QR code with the right message.
Here are a few ideas to get your gears turning:

  • Offer a discount or coupon on-the-spot (ex: “Scan for 25% off now!”)
  • Entice scanners to enter to win a prize (and of course have a prize to give)
  • Ask scanners to sign up to receive more information, updates and promotions (“Like what you see? Scan to learn more.”)

At the end of the day you have a great list of valuable leads that you can send email updates to about other promotions and specials to keep them coming back. The best potential customers are the people that have already expressed an interest and want to hear what you have to say, or sell.

Watch this video and then sign up for the free trial and you can start to capture emails with QR codes in just minutes.

This 1 minute video shows the easy steps to setting up a QR code to help grow your email database.

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