QR Code Branding – Enhancing The Brand Experience

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Stand out, be different with QR Code Branding

QR code branding is quick and easy way to successfully create a multi-media marketing campaign that will help to boost sales, add mobility to your brand message, and quickly direct target audiences to product information, promotional offers, websites, virtual tours and videos, social sites, photos and so much more.

“Blending in” has never been a good thing when it comes to advertising and marketing your brand, product or service. The more innovative you are, the more lasting the impression you will leave with clients and prospects. QR codes, a.k.a. quick response barcodes, can take brand messaging to a whole new level.

In short: If you can think it, you can link it.

With QR code branding, the promotional possibilities are endless. Not only can you create one for pretty much anything, you can place it just about anywhere. In order for a QR code to be effective, however, it must be strategically functional. It should be used in a way that makes sense – targeted to the right audiences. After all, what would be the point of starting a lot of brand conversations that go nowhere?

Depending on your visibility needs, a QR code can enhance your brand and marketing campaign a million different ways. Some popular examples include placement on swag and giveaways, on printed marketing materials and packaging, on “For Sale” signage, for self-guided tours and event promotion, to track registrations, to gain survey feedback, and to increase website and landing page traffic.

Have your own cool idea for QR code branding? Great! Give myQRad.com a try! This exciting, little matrix can contain a wealth of customized content. It’s the perfect business marketing tool for meeting the demands of our swift-action society. Be the stand-out you need to be. We’ll help you get there in less than sixty seconds!

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