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Finding QR Generators

QR codes are still relatively new as marketing tools. In fact, some of the best marketers out there still don’t know how to use QR codes. If you can get a customer to scan the QR code, you can potentially collect a lot of marketing data that your company will no doubt find valuable. One of the things about QR codes and the software used to generate them, however, is that they’re both all about information. QR generators are widely available and you shouldn’t have to invest more than a minute finding a QR generator online. Before you invest in one, however, consider what they can do for you.

QR Code Analytics

If you remember the early days of the Internet, one of the most mystifying things for people who put up their first commercial website was figuring out whether or not anybody was even looking at it. Over the years, analytic tools were developed that are accessible to people of all technical levels and that provide visitor data in graphic form. You can find the same type of features in some online QR generators but not in all of them.

Because of how QR codes work, you can track when people are using them. For example, a common marketing strategy is to get people to scan a QR code that delivers them to a specific website. With the right software, you can determine that the person got to that website using a QR code and you can oftentimes capture contact information about them at the same time. Before this starts to sound shady, realize that capturing contact information via a QR code doesn’t involve any sort of deception on the part of the marketer.

If you look at a good QR generator online, you’ll see that the analytics tools aren’t the only things that they offer. One of the things that they’ll offer is the ability to generate a contact form instantly when a QR code is scanned. This type of strategy will generally be tied into some sort of special offer. For instance “Sign up for our e-mail list and get 10 percent off your next purchase!”. Skillful marketers are always looking for ways to capture marketing data and contact data for potential clients and customers. With a good online QR generator, you can do both. Provided the QR generator you are using gives you the power of analytical tools, you will get a lot more mileage out of the money and time you invest in it.

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