The 5 “Ws” of QR Codes

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Like to keep your finger on the pulse of technological trends, or have a thing for cutting-edge marketing concepts? Then, you’ll really like QR codes! The use of QR codes is a rapidly-growing method for delivering customized content to mobile device users. Whether you’re a professional communicator or simply have information to share, QR codes are a perfect way to get in front of target audiences.

Not sure about the concept? You don’t need to have an engineering degree to understand the basics. All you really need to know are the 5 “Ws” of QR Codes:


It’s not just for tech and gadget geeks, or business executives. Anyone can generate, manage and track a QR code. That’s the great thing about this quirky informational matrix – it’s inclusive, not exclusive.


Originally created for use in the Japanese auto industry, a QR code – short for “quick response” code – is a really cool, two-dimensional barcode that connects the physical world to the virtual world. Upon scanning it with a mobile device or smartphone, a wealth of easily-accessible information is delivered directly to you – great for those “on the go.”


Launching a new website? Selling your car? Updating print materials? Offering a BOGO deal? Renting your house? Auctioning bachelors? You get the idea. QR codes are for getting your message to the mobile masses – whenever you want to deliver it. At, you can even change your message without having to change your code. (Yeah, we rock.)


QR codes are popping up everywhere, even on the roof of Facebook headquarters (scannable from the sky)! The possibilities are endless. QR codes can be placed on just about every surface one can think of – even you! Print them, tattoo them…a bit of imagination is all you need.


Unless you need a workhorse, it’s not much of a stretch to look down the road and see less use of desktop and laptop computers. Internet-capable mobile devices and smartphones are getting more and more powerful. The advancement of wireless networks has brought to these devices true broadband speed. The simplicity and convenience of mobile devices is just one reason why nearly half of all Americans are currently using smartphones, and this trend shows no signs of slowing. Don’t just get in the game, stay ahead of it.



A QR code can carry up to several hundred times the amount of information carried by a standard barcode. It can be scanned by mobile devices and read in any direction in 360 degrees, at high speeds. QR codes also have built-in error correction capability, which restores information if the code gets damaged or dirty.

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