Track QR Codes With myQRad

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How to track QR codes.

It’s helpful and fun to see what’s going on with your QR codes. myQRad is designed to give you an easy to understand view of what kind of activity your QR code and QR ads are getting so that you can tweak your strategy accordingly. Ultimately, you’re trying to accomplish something, and if the end goal is your website or ad page with social links then understanding what messages surrounding your QR code are the most effective in generating scans can help you reach your goal more often.

With tracking QR codes comes insight into what works and what doesn’t work for your business needs. Do you need to tweak the call-to-action message surrounding your QR code to motivate people to pick up their phone and scan? Are you getting tons of scans, but not sales or calls from your ad or mobile campaign? With the myQRad system you can change your message, promo, coupon anytime and you never have to change your QR code. Can you imagine having thousands of materials printed and being stuck with a code that you can’t change? We can, and it’s not pretty. our system is built with flexibility and change in mind.

With myQRad it’s not just about giving a shortcut to your website, it’s about learning what works. Try creating multiple QR codes that all show the same website and put them in different places to see what works best.


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