Use QR Codes for Trade Shows and Conventions

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Use QR Codes for Business Conventions and Trade Shows

Business conventions  and Trade Shows have always been all about swapping information. Because of that, they provide one of the best examples of how to use QR codes for marketing. With a quick QR scan, somebody at a convention can get your contact information, specific information about your product or even be sent to your company website so that they can read more on their own. These codes are very inexpensive and, because of their properties, they make excellent marketing tools for trading information at conventions.

Use QR Codes on Business Cards

One of the best ways that people have figured out how to use QR codes to swap information is putting them on business cards. Mini QR codes can easily fit on a standard sized business card. It’s a lot easier for people to simply send information via an e-mail or get information off a website, because they can take that information and easily enter into their contact list. The QR code provides the same level of convenience.

Text data can be stored in a QR code. With a quick QR scan, you can access that text data and save it to whatever program you need. This means that somebody looking at your business card doesn’t have to go through the hassle of typing in all of your contact information to get your data. In fact, you can go online and get a QR code reader for free, which means that there’s no real investment involved in getting this convenience, either. If you asked, you would likely find that most people at any business convention are set up to read a QR code on their phone.

Another great way to use QR codes is on any banners or other large advertising materials you have with you at the convention or trade show. Because QR code size is essentially irrelevant to the functionality of these data storing graphics, you can put a large version of the QR code on a banner and people can easily scan it with their cameras and get the information off it. Unlike a regular barcode, you don’t have to be right next to a QR code to get the information off it. Look online for a QR code reader and you’ll find that they are very easy to use and that you probably should be using QR codes in your marketing materials when you go off to business conventions.

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