What is a QR code?

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What is a QR code? Well, chances are you’re seeing them everywhere and you might just not know what they’re called or how to use them.

QR codes are two dimensional bar codes that actually contain more information than the bar codes you’re accustomed to seeing in stores and on products. Being 2-D allows for information to be stacked horizontally and vertically rather than just in a linear fashion. QR or Quick Response codes were created by the Denso-Wave corporation in 1994 to track vehicles during the manufacturing process.

The QR code’s ability to be decoded at high speed has made it extremely popular as the market for smart phones like Android and iPhone as well as QR reader apps for smart phones continue to grow. Now many businesses and marketing companies have embraced the technology and put them to work in order to increase interactivity with customers on the go.

QR codes can store anything from contact information and text, to a website url or website link which can be scanned with a smart phone. Other QR code generators permanently lock the information into the code making them impossible to change. myQRad offers a tool to track QR codes and change what they link to, the messages, photos, vidoes and social links with just a few clicks. Try it now!

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