Who can use QR codes?

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Who can use QR codes? Anyone and everyone.

Businesses of any size can use QR codes

Marketing a business is always a challenge and while QR codes aren’t a magical invention that will suddenly turn your company into a gold mine they can definitely help. If you’re in retail just think about how many potential sales opportunities are lost every night when you go home. By simply adding a QR code to your storefront you can allow anyone peering through the window in the dark trying to get a glimpse to scan a code and see a menu or sale you’re having from your custom page, or connect with you on facebook or twitter so you can communicate with them later about what you have to offer. One of the great things about myQRad is you don’t need a website. And if you have a website you can send visitors to it one minute and show a custom message the next without ever changing the code, which is perfect for promotions with a time limit. You can even prompt a form for scanners to be added to your interest list or receive email newsletters.

It’s not just for retail. It makes sense for any business to add QR codes to products, marketing materials and signs. Why not utilize a tiny space and spend a few minutes to get a some extra leads or sales?

Marketing and Advertising Professionals can use QR codes

If you’re a marketing or adverting professional then this system will prove to be an incredible tool for you to offer more services to your clients. With myQRad you can now easily manage QR codes and promotions for all of your clients in one location while tracking the performance. With our QR codes you can instantly change the destination or message while it’s out in circulation. So why wouldn’t you take a few extra minutes to add QR code management to your repertoire of services?

This is where I list ideas to get you started, but you’re the pro I’m sure you’ll come up with something. Be creative!

Publications and Printers can use QR codes

I’m sure you’re noticing ads and printed materials with QR codes day after day. Do you know you’re missing an opportunity? With myQRad you can now easily offer to add QR codes to every advertiser’s ad, article, brochure and business card you print. If a reader finds something that really interests them, most likely they would be willing to scan the QR code to get more information than just what fits on the page. Let the technology work for you and create a new revenue stream for your business. And with the analytics maybe you’ll get just a little more insight as to what peaks the interest of your readers.

Real Estate Professionals can use QR codes

All I have to say is put it on your signs and flyers! Don’t lose a lead because the info tube is empty. And besides, you can’t put a video on an info tube flyer anyway. Even just one faster sale can make the difference.

Everyone can use QR codes

QR codes aren’t just for businesses. If you’re leasing an apartment, selling a car, trying to find a roommate or handing out lost pet flyers, try creating a myQRad web page with photos, videos and a description. Then add the QR code to your sign or flyers for people to see your information on the spot. You can even use QR codes on an invitation for your guests to get directions directly on their smartphone. The use of QR codes is endless!

QR codes are a great tool for anyone. Sign up now and try it FREE!

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