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Decode QR Code

Most people know how to use QR codes, or have at least seen them. They’re really not difficult to understand. To get an idea of how QR codes work and how to decode QR codes, the first thing you have to understand is that what they really are is a graphic way of conveying a lot of information.

QR Code Features

Look at a QR code. You’ll see that QR code sizes vary depending upon the materials that they’re printed on. The size of the QR code is not particularly relevant. Unless you have a huge amount of information on a QR code – which necessitates more pixels – a mini QR code can work just as well as a QR code the size of your car. This is one of their most flexible features.

When you use a QR code reader, it only needs to be able to accommodate the entire QR code in the frame. If the QR code is very large, the viewer simply has to stand back farther. If the QR code is very small, it can be conveniently used at reading distances.

Another important feature of QR codes is that QR generators can convert alphanumeric data of just about any type into QR code form. This makes them incredibly versatile. It gets better than that, however.

Scanning a QR code with a smart phone can instantly take the viewer to a website address, present them with a contact form so they can enter the information needed to enter a sweepstakes or for some other purpose and perform many other tasks. The information encoded on them can be linked to specific actions and those specific actions can be linked to specific marketing campaigns. This makes them excellent tools for people who need a new way to market.

You can learn a lot about QR codes by simply playing with a QR code generator online. Sometimes, for technical information, experiential education is the best option. Find a generator and experiment with the many different types of information that you can put on it. Keep in mind, however, that not every code generator online is going to be as useful as every other code generator online. Some of them allow you to track how much code is used, where people come from and other information. Others simply allow you to generate a code that you can use to play around with but that will be suitable for serious marketing purposes.

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