QR Codes Here to Stay

QR Codes Here to Stay. No Longer Just an Acquired Taste Think QR codes are only for gadget and tech geeks? Think again. With its humble beginnings in the Japanese auto industry, the QR code has [...]

How to Print QR Codes

How to Print QR Codes Are you wondering how to print QR Codes? You have created your QR Code online through a QR Code generator such as myQRad.com and are now on to the next step. QR codes can be [...]

Design QR Code

Design QR Code At myQRad.com, we believe that our valued customers should have an exceptional user experience. When it comes to designing your own QR code, or “quick response” barcode, we’ve [...]

What are QR Codes?

What are QR Codes? A Glossary for the QR Code Newbie Are you new to mobile marketing or the use of QR codes? At myQRad.com, we’ve taken the guesswork out of some of the most commonly used terms [...]

How do I get QR codes?

How do I get QR codes? While the short answer is to use a free QR code generator, it’s important to think about what benefits you want to enjoy for the effort of creating one. What type of target [...]

Convert Sales with QR codes

Convert Sales with QR codes – QR Codes and the Sales Conversion Funnel: Scantastic! If you’re a marketer and you haven’t unleashed the power of mobile marketing, you’re missing out on some [...]

Why QR Code Coupons Work

QR Code Coupons Have The Advantage Every marketing tool has its advantages and disadvantages. Simply because a marketing tool does have some disadvantages doesn’t mean that it isn’t [...]

How Do You Use a QR Code?

Got a QR code? Now, “How Do You Use a QR Code?” After you’ve gone through the process of using an online QR creator to generate a code for you, you may ask, “How do you [...]

QR Code Phone Scan

Marketing with QR Codes QR codes can be valuable marketing tools. QR codes are a versatile type of data storage device. The pixels within the square that make up the QR code are able to transmit [...]

Online QR Code Reader

Ability to Use an Online QR Code Reader Most of the time, people will read a QR code with their phone. You can, however, use any one of a number of online QR code reader applications to decode [...]

QR Code Generator Online

Get Marketing Data by using a QR Code Generator Online By using a QR Code generator online, you can open an entirely new world where gathering marketing data is not nearly as difficult as it once [...]

What is a QR code?

What is a QR code? Well, chances are you’re seeing them everywhere and you might just not know what they’re called or how to use them. QR codes are two dimensional bar codes that [...]

Who can use QR codes?

Who can use QR codes? Anyone and everyone. Businesses of any size can use QR codes Marketing a business is always a challenge and while QR codes aren’t a magical invention that will [...]

QR Generators

Finding QR Generators QR codes are still relatively new as marketing tools. In fact, some of the best marketers out there still don’t know how to use QR codes. If you can get a customer to [...]

The 5 “Ws” of QR Codes

Like to keep your finger on the pulse of technological trends, or have a thing for cutting-edge marketing concepts? Then, you’ll really like QR codes! The use of QR codes is a rapidly-growing [...]

Scan QR Code

How to Scan QR Code If you wanted to teach someone how to scan a QR code, you really wouldn’t have much work to do. A QR scan requires nothing more than having the right app on a mobile [...]

Mini QR Code

Using a Mini QR Code One of the most significant aspects of the QR code is the fact that it can be enlarged or reduced without affecting its ability to store data. Marketers have not gone without [...]

How QR Codes Work

How QR Codes Work Explained Even if you’re not familiar with how they work, you’ve probably seen QR codes on advertisements, websites and in other places. The basic design of these [...]

QR Code Sizes

QR Codes Sizes and Options There are very few restrictions where QR code sizes are concerned. In fact, one of the most useful aspects of this type of digital data storage is the fact that the QR [...]

Decode QR Code

Decode QR Code Most people know how to use QR codes, or have at least seen them. They’re really not difficult to understand. To get an idea of how QR codes work and how to decode QR codes, the [...]

Using QR Codes

How to use QR codes. What are they and what can they do for my business? Before you decide whether or not using QR codes in your marketing campaigns is going to be worthwhile, you’ll likely [...]

How to Use QR Codes?

Are QR Code Promotions Right for Your Business? If you’re considering using QR codes to promote your business, you have plenty of different options in front of you. When you understand how [...]