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Using a Mini QR Code

One of the most significant aspects of the QR code is the fact that it can be enlarged or reduced without affecting its ability to store data. Marketers have not gone without noticing this and, because of that, the mini QR code has become a valuable marketing tool. You’ve probably seen these used already, but you may not have really paid attention to how they were being used. Mini QR codes can sometimes provide you with the best way to use space on printed advertisements.

Examples of Using a Mini QR Code in Advertising and Marketing

If you’re using direct mail for marketing or other types of printed marketing materials, a mini QR code can be incredibly useful. These very small codes can fit into unused space on flyers and other printed materials without requiring the printer to use extremely small fonts to convey important information. Here is just one example that goes a little bit beyond what most articles about marketing information and QR codes talk about.

If you’re running a contest of some sort as a promotion, there’s a good chance that there are going to be some restrictions on it that users need to know. These restrictions may be quite detailed. For example, people in certain states, employees of your company or their relatives and some other people may be automatically ineligible to participate in the contest you are running. A mini QR code can be used to store the terms of the contest so that people can scan it and read them without having to try to read micro type off a flyer.

You can also put complicated information in the QR code that makes it easier for people to participate. For example, a mini QR code could be made that gives the address that people need to send away to if they want to enter into a sweepstakes, the URL where they can sign up or, if you want to get truly creative about it, you can use a mini QR code to automatically open up an e-mail contact form in a person’s mobile device. This allows them to skip the step of going to a website to fill in a contact form and enter a contest.

A mini QR code offers all of the advantages of a regular QR code, with the added advantage that they can be reproduced in very small sizes. On printed materials, where you’re paying for every letter and every drop of ink that goes on that paper, using a mini QR code could end up saving you some money.

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