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QR Codes Sizes and Options

There are very few restrictions where QR code sizes are concerned. In fact, one of the most useful aspects of this type of digital data storage is the fact that the QR code itself can be enlarged or reduced significantly, depending upon the needs of the person utilizing it. Even using a simple QR code generator online, you can create the basis for many different marketing campaigns in a couple of seconds.

Very Small Codes

Mini QR codes can be very effective marketing tools. These codes can be fit on very small print surfaces. If you chew gum, you’ve probably even seen these reproduced on the small, rectangular packs of gum you’ll see by the checkout aisle. Despite the fact that these are small, they can be used to convey information that makes a big impact. For example, mini QR codes are oftentimes used to send a website URL to a device with a reader. If that device happens to be a smart phone or a tablet computer, the user can go right to the URL simply by scanning the code.

Very Large Codes

Very large QR codes are great ways to catch people’s attention. Because of how QR codes work, you can enlarge them to just about any conceivable size, and that can allow you to create some very creative advertising campaigns. The user can scan the QR code by standing far away from the surface on which it is displayed. This makes them perfect for billboards or, if you really want to make an impression, you could paint an entire side of the building with a QR code. To scan the QR code, somebody would just have to back up enough for it to fit within their camera on the device they use for the QR scan. If they’re standing across the street from your building, it shouldn’t be a problem, even if the QR code takes up the entire side of your building.

One of the things that marketers have been learning about QR codes is that they’re great ways to entice people to learn more about a product, service or company. Adding a small teaser line next to the QR code can give people a compelling reason to scan it and see what it contains. Even if they’re not particularly interested in what the QR code reveals, they haven’t lost any money by taking the time to scan it and the advertiser hasn’t lost any money because somebody did scan it.

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