We’ve renovated.

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Well that’s an understatement! We’ve completely rebuilt this bad boy from top to bottom with the help of Doohickey, Cdev and Thought & Theory. myQRad started out as a “just for fun” project and in no time users were signing up and making QRad pages. It’s pretty amazing to watch something like this grow into a refined machine and somewhat exhausting. We’ve dissected the entire site, figured out what things needed to be simplified like the ad creation page and the QR code generator and which items need to be enhanced like the page view counter which is now showing some pretty hefty analytics! Oh, and we went ahead and added the ability to link your ads together… It’s pretty cool. You can now create multiple QR ad pages and add links so when one is scanned the individual scanning can then navigate to your other pages, if you want them to of course

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