25 Creative Uses for QR Codes

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25 Creative Uses for QR Codes

It’s no secret that QR codes are still sweeping the globe as one of the hottest mobile business tools available today. The ever-growing popularity of this two-dimensional barcode has already cemented its place in the minds of the consumer mainstream. The exciting marriage of high functionality, tech savvy, brand message mystery and creative placement – arguably – makes the QR code the “freight train” of 21st century mobile marketing trends.

What makes the QR code (short for “quick response” barcode) so cool with the mobile masses? It offers “Information Made Easy.” It also offers a fun way to deliver brand messages to target audiences on the go. With one scan with a mobile device, the user is virtually transported to customized Internet content. The creation of sheer anticipation and ultimate discovery for the user makes the QR code a must-implement “experience” in exceptional marketing.

At myQRad.com, we’re always on the lookout for creative uses for the QR code. We even have some of our own! Highly versatile, QR codes can be placed on anything and everything. The following is a round up of 25-ish of our favorite placements:


Belt Buckle

Beverage Label



Business Card


Cupcake Topper


Floor Tile

Gift Tag/Gift Wrap

ID Tags (for personal property)



Menu (for recipe of item pictured)


Music Venue (concerts performed)

Name Tag/Lapel Pin/Button

Pet Tag /Collar


Ring/Necklace/ Jewelry

Sign Markers (zoo exhibits, nature trails)

Storefront Window

Tattoo/Ink Stamp

T-Shirt/ Clothing

Ready to give it a try? Get your own cool QR code, and don’t forget to check out our advanced codes in a selection of colors!

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