Keeping QR Code Promotions Worthwhile

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Keeping QR Code Promotions Worthwhile

One of the things that you’ll really want to avoid when you consider incorporating a new technology into your marketing plans, is using that technology. Technology only works well for marketing when you use it intelligently. If you can get someone to decode a QR code that you’ve included on marketing materials, you better make sure that there is something in it for them. Otherwise, you just wasted their time and they’re not going to look kindly on that. Fortunately, the use of a QR code can be a very useful enterprise provided you do it right.

QR Code Coupons

One of the easiest ways to encourage QR code use among your customers is to offer a coupon for their trouble. If you simply tell people that scanning the coupon code – presented in QR form – will give them access to a discount or a gift, you’ll find that many people will start doing it. Whether they’re using an online QR code reader or a QR code reader on their phone really makes no difference. They can still be directed to the same resource or lead capture page you set up.

QR Code Contact Info

Some of the most effective marketing campaigns involve giving people information on products that they’ve already purchased. Do this is by getting people to sign up for e-mail alerts. Of course, getting people to enter their e-mail address can sometimes be difficult. One of the most creative uses of QR code technology is using it to present a contact form to the user upon scanning the code. This makes it very easy for them to enter their e-mail address and let them know that they are at the right place to do so. At you have the ability to create a QR code that allows you to capture your scanners email address. All they need to do is scan the QR code, enter their information and they are taken to the QR code message or offer.

QR code marketing presents many different opportunities. In fact, the world has probably not seen the best marketing use of QR code technology yet. With a bit of creativity, some thought about what this technology really offers and knowledge of the fact that mobile device usage. Mobile devices are very commonly used to scan QR codes – is increasing. You should be able to find a way and a reason to incorporate QR codes into your marketing. The only question will be how to use a QR code in the right way so that you get the maximum value out of it.

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