Capture Email Addresses with QR Codes

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Opt-In Feature Allows You To Capture Email Addresses With QR Codes

The best way to grow our business and increase sales is to grow your email list for mass distribution of promotions, specials, updates and newsletters. With myQRad you can now capture email addresses with QR codes using an opt-in form that’s prompted to scanners before they see your web page or promotion. This premium feature is completely optional and just like our QR codes can be changed or turned on and off instantly.

The perfect example: Your a sandwich shop and your busiest day is Saturday, but you really want to increase weekday lunches. So you create a QR code and each Saturday you put it on a sign by the register that says “Scan now for half off!” So now your customer scans the code, is prompted with a quick form that requests their name and email address and after submitting their information they see your discount page. They then show the discount on the spot for their half off and you have their email address for following up later. Then Monday you send them an email with the weeks specials. You know they like your product, you know they’ve been in before… Sometimes people just need a reminder.


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