QR Code Tracking 101

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Get Started With QR Code Tracking Right Now!

myQRad is an easy to use QR code generator and tracking system built to help you manage your QR code campaigns. In this video we cover how to create a QR code as either a redirect or custom mobile landing page. Set up QR Code tracking and analytics to monitor your campaign’s performance. Our custom pages are ideal for showing promotions, coupons or as a substitute for a mobile website if you don’t have one of your own to link to. You can change the content behind your QR code anytime without changing your QR code so you never have to worry about being stuck with a QR code that only shows one type of content forever.

Think of the myQRad system as a hub that you can change, manage, learn and tweak over time to increase sales and generate leads to your business.

Watch the video and learn how to create your first QR code with tracking now. Free trial.

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