How to Track QR Codes and What Information It Can Tell You

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QR codes engage the user and provide valuable information to the marketer.

When iconic U.S. brewing giant Anheuser-Busch recently launched its “Track Your Bud” digital campaign, it was a really cool example of how to track QR Codes and engage a target audience. Budweiser packaging now includes scannable QR codes that allow beer drinkers to track the origin and creation – or  “birth” – of their individual beer. While tracking your beer is fun, tracking the activity of your actual QR code is paramount.

Why so important? Tracking is the only way to learn who scanned your code, where it was scanned, when, how many times, and more. Through QR code tracking, you can analyze the ongoing results of your mobile marketing effort and immediately know what is and is not working for your business. QR code tracking parameters give you all the valuable information you need to make vital changes to your strategic marketing campaign – priceless information.

Would you go to the trouble of creating customized content, such as a website or landing page, as well as create a QR code that directs mobile device users to that content, only to leave it at that? Of course not. You’ll want to know how many people actually scanned your code and visited your site or page. Everything you need to know about your progress and the effectiveness of your QR code is in the tracking.

At, we make QR code tracking and analytics easy. You can create a code, hit up the mobile masses, check out your traffic from collected data, and make adjustments as often as you like. You can even change your customized content without having to change your QR code.

Pretty easy stuff – just as it should be!

At, you’ll be able to gather and review data, make informed marketing decisions, and still have time for a tasty beer. Give it a try!

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