QR Codes for Android Apps

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QR Codes for Android Apps

Android is one of the world’s most prominent mobile operating platforms, partly made popular by tech-savvy smartphone users desiring an alternative to the iPhone. If you’ve got an Android, you have a wealth of cool applications from which to choose to customize your phone. Application (app) downloads are made even easier via QR codes.

QR codes, or “quick response” barcodes, are incredibly useful when downloading Android apps in the Android Market. A quick scan of this tiny matrix with a smartphone or other mobile device, and you are immediately linked to customized online content by way of the camera on your phone. No need to type lengthy URLs into your mobile browser. QR codes are the perfect shortcut, and Android also offers many QR code reader applications.

Are you an Android application developer? You may want to consider QR codes for Android apps downloads. QR codes are an extremely smart way to promote your app! At myQRad.com, we assist mobile marketers in engaging and retaining customers by providing an innovative way to deliver your strategic brand messages, web content and software applications to the mobile masses.

Simply create a code with our QR code generator at myQRad.com; add it to your website or other promotional tool; track user interaction; and collect and analyze the data to determine marketing effectiveness. Tweak your code content without ever having to change your code. Get creative by adding color or your logo!

For Android users, the Barcode Scanner application in the Android Market is quite popular for deciphering QR codes. It also allows users to share your application by scanning a code right from a phone’s display screen – great exponential exposure!

QR codes are one of today’s hottest mobile marketing trends. It’s quite common for Android fans to use them. Make Android application installation easy.

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