Tracking QR Codes and Usage Patterns

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Tracking QR Codes and Usage Patterns

Gathering intelligence is a significant part of any successful marketing effort. When somebody scans a QR code that you put on marketing materials, it’s important that you’re aware of the fact and that you know how they reacted to wherever the QR code took them. Wondering yourself about how to incorporate QR codes in your marketing, you have to think about what kind of information you’re going to get from the QR code itself that can help guide your marketing decisions in the future.

By using a QR code maker, you should be using one that gives you something more than the barcode itself. With myQRad you can track when people are scanning, where they were when they scanned it and other vital marketing information. Armed with this information, you can use QR code marketing more effectively simply because you can refine it as you go along and get more out of it in the future than you’re getting out of it at present.


If you’re not familiar with analytics software, it allows you to gather data on technology usage patterns and to crunch that data in various ways to reveal different facts. One of the most compelling things about QR codes is that they are an evolving technology. The barcode element works very well in many different devices and for many different applications. It is in those applications, however, where innovation is really taking place. Skillful marketers are always finding new ways to expand the uses of QR codes. They gather data about customer and client habits is among the most compelling examples of this you’ll find.

If you choose a QR code generator that is overly simple, you’re not going to get a lot of marketing value out of it. The QR code you get will simply exist as it was printed; as a static item. When somebody decodes the QR code, they’re going to get the same information that it originally provided or they’re going to get directed to the same URL it was originally set up with. Simply put, this might not be flexible enough for you in the future. Avoid an outdated QR code, with myQRad you are able to change the message or URL of your QR code at any time.


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