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How to Scan QR Code

If you wanted to teach someone how to scan a QR code, you really wouldn’t have much work to do. A QR scan requires nothing more than having the right app on a mobile device. The camera provides the actual scanning implement and the device will interpret the information contained on the QR code.

Making a QR Scan

Depending upon what app you’re using, the process involved in scanning a QR code may vary slightly from what is described here, but it should be more or less the same. When you open up the app that allows you to perform the QR scan, you’ll see through your digital device’s camera. Usually, an area of the screen will be blacked out or grayed out, giving you a rectangular area where the QR scanner wants you to place the code. Most of the time, a horizontal or vertical line will tell you where to position the center of the code.

One of the best things about how QR codes work is the fact that they are very forgiving. They have error correction built into them, so you don’t have to have everything lined up as precisely as a geometry major might. Simply center the code and, in most scanners, the device automatically detects it and reads it.

QR generators can be used to encode many different types of information, so what happens next will depend upon what the QR code creator used the code to store. It may, for instance, automatically open up the URL in your web browser, open up an e-mail contact form that you can use to enter a contest or sweepstakes or simply provide you with text information.

When you scan a QR code, what you’re actually doing is opening up a digital storage medium. They can store small amounts of information in many different forms. This is why they have become so popular for marketing. One of the best things about QR codes, however, is the fact that they can also be used for practical purposes. For example, if you have a paper date book, you could easily generate a QR code online, tape it to the book with adhesive tape and have all of your contact information contained in that QR code. This provides people with an easy way to figure out who owns your date book – or whatever else you tag with a QR code – without even having to open it up.

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