Why use myQRad.com for your QR code generator?

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Why use myQRad.com for your QR code generator?

myQRad.com: Why We’re Better Than Our (Free) Competition

Free is great. There’s no doubt about it. In business, however, it can be a “you-get-what-you-pay-for” risk that isn’t always worth taking.

Everyone thinks they’re the best when it comes to their own product or service. In our case, it just happens to be true. Why? Because we understand that it isn’t enough to simply meet the basic needs of QR code customers. We know that to be the best, we must offer the basics, and so much more…and, we definitely do!

At myQRad.com, we want to be the only QR code source you will ever need. That’s why we’ve implemented a variety of user-friendly tools to not only help you get started creating QR codes, but also to ensure long-term, strategic success in your mobile marketing. Whether you’re a pro, or just have a message to impart or an item to sell, myQRad.com makes reaching your target audience easy.

A wildly popular mobile marketing tool, the QR code – also known as “quick response” barcode – is a tiny, square matrix that serves as a connector of the physical world and the virtual world. Upon scanning it with a smartphone or other mobile device, the QR code immediately takes the user to customized Internet content such as a company website, landing page, social networking site, online photo album, etc. The choice is yours.

The unparalleled flexibility of the QR code makes it a must-have item in your promotional arsenal. It can be placed on anything anywhere. It also can breathe new life into stale or outdated marketing materials. As such, it’s important to know how to effectively use one, or many simultaneously. It’s vital to your success with QR codes to be able to make necessary and ongoing adjustments to your message, calls-to-action and more.

Here’s where myQRad.com differs from our competitors: We offer solutions, not problems. Many QR code users who create codes elsewhere come to us for help with a variety of “headaches.” Let us get you where you need to be from the start. Don’t get stuck with codes you can’t really use over time.

For example:

Competitor: Hey, create a basic QR code using our free generator. Did you hear? It’s FREE! Sure, you can place your code on that brochure. What’s that? You’ve printed thousands of marketing pieces, distributed them, and now need to change the code? Uh, sorry, can’t help you.

myQRad.com: Why, yes, you CAN change your QR code message after it’s been printed. Let us show you how.

Competitor: You created multiple QR codes that appear in a catalog, and now you’ve updated the online content associated with those codes? What? They aren’t working now? Sorry, I’m on my lunch break.

myQRad.com: No worries. In just minutes, you’ll be able to access and edit all of your codes, and redirect the URLs to the appropriate locations. You’re welcome!

From the customer:

“MYQRAD support was so helpful. I called the support line. There was no waiting, and assistance was quick and accurate. Thank you, Dan, for helping me redirect my codes!”

Yilenne Sanchez, Administrative Assistant


When choosing a QR code service provider, it’s important to remember that QR codes are very valuable – and permanent. Consider your options, and don’t be seduced by the word “free.” Go with the best fit, based on your marketing needs today and in the future, as well as the best practices for which you are known.

At myQRad.com, you can create a code in less than 60 seconds. Easily change your marketing message without having to change your code. Track and analyze data, and tweak calls-to-action as necessary. Create simplified codes for faster scanning, or ask us about our colorful advanced codes.

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