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Design QR Code

At, we believe that our valued customers should have an exceptional user experience. When it comes to designing your own QR code, or “quick response” barcode, we’ve streamlined the process for generation, customization, tracking, reporting and tweaking.

Our dynamic codes are an awesome, value-added business offering perfect for your mobile marketing needs. The use of QR codes is a highly popular method for delivering customized content to mobile device users. Whether you’re a professional communicator or simply have information to share, QR codes are a perfect way to get in front of target audiences.

Want to make an even bigger impact with your brand? Stand out from the crowd with custom-designed codes. Designing your own QR code has never been easier. You don’t need to keep with the standard black-and-white matrix. You don’t need to be a professional designer or even tremendously tech-savvy. All you need is a bit of imagination and we’ll guide you to a QR code that is different, functional and visually cool.

Using our free generator, located at, let the fun begin by designing a QR code to reflect your brand. Type the URL or text that you want to encode. Select the options that best suit your mobile marketing needs. Get creative with your choice of colors, and don’t forget to include your logo. Finalize your special design.

Print them, tattoo them; put them on anything anywhere! Then, track and analyze user data to get a comprehensive view of the effectiveness of your QR code. By using multiple, unique QR codes, you can even further break down traffic data to assess your return on each promotional investment. Make content adjustments easily, and without having to change your code. Pretty easy stuff!



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