QR Codes on Business Cards

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QR Codes on Business Cards

Never underestimate the power of a business card. If you’ve ever been caught without one when you needed it, you know all too well the awkwardness of that missed opportunity. A professional, well-made business card is the first step to putting your brand in the hands of potential clients. Today, savvy marketers are taking this tiny form of advertising to an even higher level – the QR code business card.

The QR code, or “quick response” barcode, is one of the most popular and innovative mobile marketing trends. Scan it with a smartphone or other mobile device, and this two-dimensional matrix will easily connect the physical world to the online world. The QR code is so versatile that it can be placed on virtually anything anywhere. As such, it can create a highly effective marketing channel right from the face of your business card – something no other mobile marketing tool can do.

By adding this functional and creative element, business card recipients can immediately gain access to a wealth of online information about your product, service, vCard, promotional offer and more. No more having to use a main computer to manually input a web address. The QR code business card creates an instant brand connection with target audiences and busy decision-makers “on the go.”

Not only does the QR code elevate mobile marketing campaigns, it also enhances brands through effective logo positioning. At myQRad.com, getting started is easy. Use our QR code generator and create an advanced QR code in less than 60 seconds. Get creative with additional colors and eye-catching logo placement.

Next, simply track the code and analyze corresponding data to gain valuable insight on user trends. Whenever necessary, update marketing messages or website content without having to change or reprint your QR code.

The exchanging of business cards is a professional courtesy that will be around for a long time to come. The card is convenient, perfectly sized, and a smart investment as a promotional tool. Get ahead of the competition and create top-of-mind awareness of your name and company. Don’t risk being forgotten. Add a QR code.

The QR code business card – it’s definitely not your grandpa’s business card (that was probably just a handshake).

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