How Do You Use a QR Code?

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Got a QR code? Now, “How Do You Use a QR Code?”

After you’ve gone through the process of using an online QR creator to generate a code for you, you may ask, “How do you use a QR code?”. QR code promotions are becoming a lot more popular, but not all of them are particularly successful. When they’re not successful, it’s usually because the QR code isn’t being used in the right way. You have to understand how QR codes work and what they offer to understand how you can use them to provide additional value to your clients and customers.

Use QR Code to Give Fast Information

One of the places where you will definitely want to use a QR code is in a location nearby your contact information. You should give indication to a user to scan the QR code to get your virtual business card. This encourages people to decode the QR code so that they can skip the step of entering your contact information manually. This is such a convenient feature that you’ll find that people are more likely to take down your contact information, simply because it doesn’t require them to do any work.

Use QR Code for Fun Promotions

One of the things that some clever marketers have figured out is that you can use a QR code to make a promotion more fun. You can bury clues in QR codes or direct people to websites with the QR code that gives them information that they can follow to reveal a promotion or bonus offer. If you’re going to do this, make certain that the person reading your promotional materials knows what the QR code is for. If you don’t, it’s less likely that they’re going to take the time to scan the QR code.

QR Codes for Tech Products and Services

The people most likely to go ahead and make a QR scan of one of your marketing materials are those who are comfortable with technology. If your product or service relates specifically with technology, you have a natural advantage waiting for you in terms of marketing with QR codes. Make sure you include them in all of your marketing materials. You can even put them on your website so that people can save your URL to their mobile devices, save your contact information to their mobile devices or perform any of the other actions that QR codes make very easy. The main thing to remember is that it takes work to decode a QR code, so be sure it’s worth it when your customer goes ahead and does that. They’ll appreciate it and they’ll remember it.


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