Using QR Codes to Increase Traffic to Your Website

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Drive Traffic to Your Website and Social Network Using QR Codes!

Internet marketing. It’s the very broad and common manner in which we create Web “destinations” for the target audiences of our products and services. From websites to social media pages and blogs, a wide variety of online methods are used for delivering brand messages and topical news to customers and prospects. One niche of Internet marketing that should not be overlooked, however, is mobile marketing – and specifically, the use of QR codes.

If you use the Internet to market your brand, you’re probably spending countless hours online, working to drive visitor traffic to each Web destination – right from the very platforms on which your customized content resides. Login, log out. Login, log out.

While necessary, it’s an enormous investment of time to grow your audience directly from each online platform. It also can be limiting, in terms of reach. After all, you’re only engaging those already familiar with the destination, be it your company website, Facebook page, YouTube channel, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts, etc.



When using QR codes, or “quick response” barcodes, you can easily increase online traffic by offering yet another avenue to a huge segment of your target audience – the mobile segment. One scan with a smartphone or other mobile device, and visitors can be taken directly to your content. Using QR codes offers a great way to engage those “on the go” in addition to those already familiar with your Web presence.

The QR code is one of the today’s hottest mobile marketing business tools and web trends. The best aspect of using QR codes: they can be generated for FREE. The second best aspect: QR codes can provide a wealth of information outside of your regular business hours. They can be placed on anything, anywhere.

Create your own unique QR code today! At, you can change your online content without having to change your code. Generate it in less than 60 seconds, then track and evaluate the data behind it. Through analytics, it’s easy to see traffic patterns and sources, as well as assess what drove a visitor to action.

Give it a try. If you have any questions about MyQRad and how to set it up, feel free to give us a call and we’ll help you get started today.


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