Launching a QR Code for Promotion

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Launching a QR Code for Promotion

Incorporating a QR code into your marketing campaigns can be very effective. Using a code generator online at, you can not only generate a QR code. You can also track the effectiveness of your QR codes through analytics. The really important thing, however, is making certain that the QR code is incorporated into your marketing in the right way. To that end, you should understand some things about how you go about using QR codes.

Extra Info

One of the most popular uses of QR codes is providing extra information to people. For instance, you have small, printed flyers that you are using to promote your business You can add a great deal of information in the form of a QR code that takes up very little space. Consider what that means for a moment. A QR code can be printed in two colours and is very small, if you choose to use a mini QR code. In addition, if you’re printing a large run of flyers or other promotional materials, you may be able to cut down considerably on your budget by putting some of the information in QR code form.

Contact Info

Putting contact information in QR code form is very popular. Many people decode QR codes with a phone. Depending upon what type of phone they have, decoding the QR code may give them the option to add the information in that code directly to their contacts. In other words, this means that you can take the contact information on a brochure, flyer, poster, banner or business card and have it instantly converted into digital form. If you have a hard time getting people to call you, one of the easiest ways to remedy that situation is to make yourself more available. And that starts with making your contact information easy to store.


You may end up putting the same QR code on many different advertisements. Also, one of the advantages of using QR codes is that you can track which of those advertisements end up getting more traffic. This allows you to actually gather analytic information on the level that you’d expect from a website for printed materials. Above all, if this doesn’t impress you, you haven’t been in marketing long enough to realize how incredibly powerful and advantageous that is and how much indicates that a QR code should be part of a promotion.

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