Don’t have a website? Our Mobile QR Code Web Page Creator Has You Covered.

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Easy to use mobile QR Code web page creator.

You don’t have to be stuck with a QR code that goes to one location all the time. With myQRad you have a choice to redirect your QR code to a website or create a custom promotional ad page with photos, videos, messages, social connect links and social share links. You never have to replace or reprint your QR code no matter how often you change what it links to and your tracking analytics remain uninterrupted. Below are snapshots of what you can expect from our custom Mobile QR Code ad creator. Shot 1 is a glimpse of the custom ad option and shot 2 the simple website redirect. Try it FREE now, we think you’ll love it!


View of the QR code custom mobile web page creator.


View of the QR code custom redirect creator.

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