QR Codes Here to Stay

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QR Codes Here to Stay. No Longer Just an Acquired Taste

Think QR codes are only for gadget and tech geeks? Think again. With its humble beginnings in the Japanese auto industry, the QR code has since gained widespread attention as the innovative technology taking mobile marketing by storm. It’s no longer just an acquired taste for those “in the know.” Above all, substantial exposure has made the QR code one of the hottest Web-based business tools available today.

An undeniable catalyst for meeting the growing demand for “Information Made Easy,” the QR code’s introduction into mainstream society couldn’t be more perfectly timed. This little, two-dimensional matrix connects the physical world to the virtual world in the blink of an eye – the amount of time the average (busy) person will give you to get to your point.

QR codes, or “quick response” barcodes are hassle-free.

By scanning one with a mobile device, target audiences gain immediate access to customized Web content. Whether you’re a marketing professional or just an individual selling your car, a QR code can greatly increase target audience reach. Similarly, interest and response to your promotional efforts.

The best part: no experience required.

This very important aspect ensures that mainstream society can participate in this awesome technology from both sides of the fence, rather than simply observe the tech-elite. At myQRad.com, we fully encourage and support technological inclusiveness. That’s why our codes are simple to create, manage, track and analyze. Place them on anything, anywhere. The more fun and creative the placement, the better the promotion, we say!

Launching a new website? Selling your house? Updating print materials? Offering Happy Hour specials? Use QR codes to get your marketing message to the mobile masses – whenever you want to deliver it. After all, QR codes have no hours of operation. Therefore, they’re great for capturing visitor interest even after you’ve closed up shop for the day.

Want a taste of QR codes? Get started at myQRad.com. Create a code, and if you need to change your message, you can do so without having to change your code. As with all acquired tastes, it’s an appreciation that you definitely can get used to. Voila!

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