Using QR Codes for Marketing

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Using QR Codes for Marketing

At the basic level, what is the role of marketing?

At, we believe it’s making real connections in an online world. It’s about using a smart mix of marketing channels and tools to reach others and elicit from them the responses that we – and our customers – can use to connect and develop long-term relationships.

When it comes to mobile marketing, QR codes, a.k.a. “quick response” barcodes, are one of today’s most innovative tools used to keep existing customers and gain new ones. Not only does the QR code connect our physical world to our online world, it can be the catalyst for a strong emotional connection between a brand and this very important segment of a target audience – the mobile segment. These tiny, two-dimensional barcodes are perfect for driving traffic to online content.

In simple terms, marketing creates connections. Connections drive sales. How, specifically, can a QR code do this?

QR codes allow marketers to strategically engage customers and prospects on the go, and quickly take them on a digital journey to even more comprehensive brand messaging. From music videos and photo sharing to company websites and online promotional offers, one scan with a mobile device and a QR code can enhance and elevate real-world brand experiences. Once an emotional connection is made, users are likely to share their brand experience with both real-world and online connections.

The process is simple: Generate a QR code at Track user interaction with your code, and analyze the data over time. This will allow you to determine the overall effectiveness of your mobile marketing campaign, as well as tweak your messaging as necessary to get the best possible consumer response.

Your QR code can be created in less than a minute, and you can enjoy the flexibility of changing content without having to change the code. Whatever your mobile marketing needs, we can help you bring people together with your brand via technology – one of the most popular web trends in marketing today.

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