QR Codes Offer More than Marketing

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QR Codes Offer More than Marketing

You’ve been in marketing long enough to remember the days when print marketing was pretty much your only option. Along with television and radio, of course. You remember the days when you essentially had to guess at how many people were reading your advertisements. Using a simple QR code generator online, you can avail yourself access to an incredibly powerful form of marketing that actually gives you feedback. What’s great about this form of marketing is that it can bridge the gap between the digital and printed worlds.

Capture Scanners Information

When you put a QR code on an advertisement that comes in printed form, there’s no way you can guarantee that everybody who sees it is going to take the time to decode the QR code. What you will know, however, is that the people who decoded the QR code did find the advertisement compelling in some way. Furthermore, if you’re using a good QR code generator like myQRad.com, you’ll be able to track when those QR codes are decoded. In addition, capture user information about the people who decode them, depending upon what you ask for upon the user scanning the code. With myQRad.com you can even capture email addresses from your scanners.

One of the easiest ways to determine whether somebody is likely to be interested in your products is to give them an opportunity to provide contact information and to see if they take it. A popular QR code application, available on myQRad.com, involves a QR code to open up a contact form on a mobile device or a computer. Think about what this means. You will not only be able to figure out when people actually open up the contact form! You’ll also know which percentage of them actually provide you with contact information. If you’re not getting enough people submitting contact information, perhaps you have to adjust your pitch a bit.

QR code use was once primarily restricted to practical applications.

For example, you get a shipment from most of the major carriers. You’ll notice a QR code on the label that’s used to track the package as it travels across the country or world. The technology behind QR codes, however, is so simple and effective and so accessible. It’s because mobile devices can easily be equipped with QR code readers for free that they have become very important to marketing. The access to marketing intelligence they provide is only one of the advantages that you will find in utilizing these barcodes for marketing purposes.

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