What’s the difference between myQRad and other free QR code generators?

The biggest and most important difference is the fact that you can redirect QR codes generated with myQRad. Let’s say you create a QR code with a free generator and print it on a product or advertisement and a year from now you decide you want it to show a different website or message. With the free generators you’re stuck. There’s no changing it once it’s done. With myQRad you can log in to the dashboard anytime and change where the QR code goes without needing to reprint it.

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Track QR Codes

With our analytics you can easily track the activity and statistics of your QR codes including location, date and scan count. Create multiple QR codes with the same destination and compare their data to learn which gets the most traffic.

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Page Creator

With the custom smart phone friendly page creator you can easily share photos, videos, messages and social links. Change your pages or website link anytime! Perfect for QR code coupons and promotions!

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Capture Emails

With one click capture option you can prompt scanners to enter their email address before seeing your website or promotion. The perfect solution for growing your email contact list. Make it a requirement or optional.

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